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Private Sessions

One on one training sessions with one of our instructors tailored to meet your fitness needs.


Each 50 minute session includes a warm up stretch, cardiovascular or mobility portion, strength and resistance training and cool down. Each client is encouraged to move at their own pace and ability.


$75 per session*

* Taxes not included

Our Clientele

People often worry that their current fitness level won't "fit" with the Age in Motion program. We work with clients of all fitness levels and build our sessions around their individual needs. We believe that every aging individual can and should benefit from physical fitness.


Here are a few examples of general fitness levels and how we can help them:


     Physically Fit/ Independent

These older adult individuals regularly engage in exercise, live independently and require no assistance with activities of daily living or household chores. They have little to few physical limitations and remain active by playing sports (such as golfing, curling, tennis and hockey), working out or partaking in hobbies that incorporate both mind and body. 

                 How we can help:

  • Introduce multi disciplinary areas of fitness such as interval training, split day workouts or low impact aerobics.

  • Reassessment of a current workout routine, incorporating new, challenging exercises and programming.

  • Increasing muscular strength for sports specific training (ex: golf swing).

  • Preparation for a physically challenging event such as a 5k run or hiking vacation.

     Physically Unfit/ Independent

These older adult individuals do not engage in adequate levels of physical activity yet still live in their own home or retirement residence. They may require some assistance with housekeeping and heavy chores. They spend little or no time engaging in active movement and find it increasingly difficult to get up, get out and get moving. Their energy levels are low and they are at high risk for developing chronic conditions that will threaten their independence.

                 How we can help:

  • Increasing functional muscular strength for everyday activities such as stair climbing, gardening, carrying groceries

  • Physical motivation to increase cardiovascular endurance for activities such as shopping, walking long distances and extra-curricular activities.

  • Helping to set and achieve goals such as walking without a walker or getting down and up from the floor

  • Offering a wide range of stretching exercises to ease pain and discomfort from stiffness due to a sedentary lifestyle or chronic condition such as Parkinson's or arthritis. 

     Physically Unfit/ Frail

These older adult individuals are no longer able to live independently and reside in a health care facility or long term residence. They require assistance with activities such as walking and activities of daily living.  Because of balance or mobility issues, they rely on modalities such as canes, walkers and/or wheelchairs. They may suffer from a chronic condition or debilitating disease that limits their physical movements yet they still remain strong in both mind and spirit. 

                 How we can help:

  • Post rehabilitation maintenance after physiotherapy ends.

  • Insuring proper muscle and core activation for sitting and standing.

  • Reestablishing maximum ADL (activities of daily living) capabilities, such as transferring, dressing and eating.

  • Full workouts done in bed to decrease further muscle atrophy and bed sores.

  • Keeping the individual motivated, hopeful and engaged in a positive, productive rewarding experience.


Age in Motion is also pleased to offer educational and inspirational seminars and hands on workshops to all groups, organizations and residences that cater specifically to seniors, as well as in service training workshops to health management teams and  employees working with older adults.


I appreciate having someone come to my home, on my schedule rather than having to go out. Highly recommended for coach potatoes just getting started, or for those wanting to maintain mobility.                                                                                                            - Clare H. (age 84)

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