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What Can You Expect From a Session?

Flexibility / Stretching

One of the most overlooked aspects of healthy aging, clients will learn how to increase their ability to move the joints through a full range of motion. Attaining a full range of motion is important because it helps to reduce stress on muscles there by allowing for less pain and less injury. Additionally it also helps for better posture and relieves chronic back pain. With better flexibility, older adult clients have better ease in performing everyday tasks such as bending over to tie shoelaces or reaching up to wash their hair. Our trainers incorporate a dynamic stretching warm up into every workout either through yoga or Pilates movements. The more flexible the client becomes, the more advanced the stretch.

Aerobic / Cardio Endurance

Under the strict moderation of their trainer, clients are encouraged to get up and get moving! The individual will begin a progressive and safe endurance program which raises the heart rate and keeps it elevated for short periods of time. The most important health benefit with this type of exercise for the older adult is to strengthen the heart and increase lung capacity. This in turn facilitates everyday function and increases their overall energy. Our trainers strive to find the type of cardio exercise that is right for each client: walking, stationary bikes, treadmills, swimming and or dancing.

Strength / Resistance Training

Described as the fountain of youth for seniors, our strength training exercises help the different muscles in our clients' body become stronger and more powerful. Strong muscles allows for more strength and stamina for everyday activities. It also provides significant functional benefits and improvement in the older adults over all health and well being, including increased bone density and joint function. Consequently, if a person's muscles are strong, the body is better prepared to cope with an illness or injury. Our trainers are skilled at offering our older clients a full progressive strength training work out with the use of weights, barbells, resistance bands and therapy balls.

Balance / Fall Prevention

Your balance system incorporates all the senses of the body that help you stay upright, grounded and safe. As we age, there are changes to your eyes, ears and skin's ability to sense pressure. Couple this with an all too often sedentary lifestyle with weak or stiff muscles and this amounts to a high probability of a fall. Vertigo, blood pressure and certain medications all lend a hand to balance issues for our senior clients Our trainers pride themselves in offering each client an attainable yet challenging series of balance exercises which allows the individual to work at the own pace and level. As time progresses, our clients begin to feel more confident, not only in their every day movements, but in preparation for sudden unexpected situations where they would have to move quickly to avoid a fall.

Therapeutic Stretch / Massage

One of our most popular services by far is our therapeutic stretch combined with a light head to toe body massage. Performed either in bed, on the floor or in a comfortable chair, clients are treated in the comfort of their own home, complete with soothing music, soft lighting and a relaxing touch. A vibration mat may also be used to relax the client and reduce anxiety. Trainers will alternately stretch and massage the muscles in short and progressive intervals, slowly deepening the stretch while at the same time ensuring safety and comfort. Therapeutic stretching is instrumental in alleviating muscular pain and reducing joint stiffness and aids in post operative recovery. This service, in conjunction with a regular fitness regime, greatly reduces the chance of injury for this special population.


Individualized Programs

We offer a customized written workout plan for the healthy senior already established in a fitness regime. Many times an individual will experience a plateau in training due to the fact their body has become proficient with repetitive and familiar movements. Customized programming helps to challenge the individual in reaching their physical potential and regain motivation from a stale routine. After meeting with the client for a full functional fitness assessment, our trainer will then create a workout plan specifically designed to meet the goals of the client. Follow up visits are encouraged to monitor proper form and technique and to endure client satisfaction. Individualized programs are also helpful for those seniors living outside the Age in Motion zone, and with whom their families are able to assist and modulate their exercise session, following one of our safe customized plans.

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