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in-home fitness for seniors



In-Home Fitness for Seniors

Welcome to Age in Motion

We are a team of fitness professionals dedicated to the health and well being of seniors, offering a variety of services to the greater Montreal area.


We offer in home private fitness services for autonomous, semi-autonomous and frail older adults.


We provide the unique opportunity of a full body workout in the comfort of the clients' own home or residence, complete with all the necessary equipment needed.



"At Age in Motion we believe that every senior, regardless of age or ability deserves the opportunity to maximize their fitness potential by becoming strong, fit and independent"

in-home fitness for seniors


Training with AIM at least once a week increases my overall sense of well being as well as improving my agility and strength. I am so much more motivated to get (and keep) in shape.                                                                              

                                                                 -Joan C. (77)


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